Friday, 13 August 2010


L has been super clingy and whiney all day so, when my parents invited us over for dinner I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to get out of the house and play outside a bit.  We packed her "swim soup" and were off!  As the evening wore on, she didn't eat much (except blueberries of course) and felt warm.  When we arrived home she had a temp of 103.4!  Ugh, how did I miss this all day?  Here are some shots of my little sicky running through gram and papa's sprinkler as Axel watches from his little perch on the lawn.

everything's more fun with a swim noodle

this is my favorite pic, she put her shoes on all by herself!
if you look closely you'll see her walking around nakie with a baby-doll thrown over her shoulder, classic Lai...
fun evening with papa (and gram!)

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