Wednesday, 18 August 2010


Today we introduced L to bubbles (sigh...).  I have a love/hate relationship with this certain activity.  They are lots of fun but, it's impossible to do this activity without getting completely soapy.   Over the last year we have accumulated a STASH of bubble paraphernalia.  We have the normal bubbles, we have a long bubble wand, we have a dog that shots bubbles out his mouth and the most recent gift was a bubble lawn mower.  Needless to say it was long overdue to introduce our daughter to this long-time American summer tradition.  As expected, it was a hit.

will mow for blueberries
In true L form she took the mowing so seriously, even when on rocks...  She worked so hard pushing it around and around our front yard...
taking a breather
Axel woke up from his nap to find his family having a party with bubbles in the front yard...
 my boys

I still don't love getting all soapy but, we sure had a fun time as a family.  I'll take a little soap any day if it means time with the ones that make my heart so full.  

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  1. What a lovely family you have. Man, between swings and bubbles Lai has it made! And I may just need to steal Ax for a few squishy-kissy-hours very soon.