Friday, 13 August 2010

4 Months.

My name's Axel and I'm 4 months old today.  I love to smile, eat, watch my sister, put my fists in my mouth, take baths, grab mama's hair, suck on my arm (or my "drum-stick" as daddy calls it), and I love to sleep 10-12 hour nights.  Everyone says I have amazing thighs but, I can't see them because my giant tummy's in the way.  I've been on many rides in the jogger, a ferry boat and on my very first swing at aunties this last week.  I'm such a happy baby and rarely cry.  Mama and daddy say that I'm their favorite little boy and that I've brought them so much joy.  

(For the grandma's) - My stats:
Weight - 20 lb 1.2 oz, >97%
Height - 26 1/4 inches, 90% 
Head - 45 cm, 97%


  1. Happy Birthday Sweet Ax. Such a dolly....well a handsome hunk is more like it. XOXO