Thursday, 25 November 2010

Oh so very thankful.

J was working on Thanksgiving this year so, after naps I loaded up the kids & we headed to 13's for a great time with others in the SFD family (13 of us total).  The fellas cooked up a wonderful meal.

Laila spent her first TG at the station in 2008 so, it was special to be there for Ax's first as well.


Monday, 22 November 2010 it's cold outside...

We had the first big snow of the year!!!  It's cold, white, quiet, fresh & SO beautiful!  I realize it's my duty as a parent to get my son out in this white stuff to celebrate the first snowfall of his life but, it just didn't happen today... His older sister on the other hand, had a ball!

 It's official.  I have the most affectionate touchy feely 2 year old ever.  Yes, she's kissing and hugging the little "drive slow, watch for children" man... 
 At 10pm it's still coming down hard.  (Thank you Jesus!!!)  

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Winter living.

Loved reading this Patagonia blog post.

#1 It makes me so excited for winter's snow.  I hope it snows hard & I hope it snows a lot this winter.  Four words you will NEVER hear come from my mouth, "I'm over the snow!"

#2 It makes me long for a simpler life & more time outdoors.  What a unique & special childhood Skye had.  Since having kids I haven't done a good job getting my fam on hikes, camping, lake swimming, snow-shoeing etc...  That needs to change.  (the least I could do is sneak us into the private forest behind our house, right!?)

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


My friend Hanna, from high school now works at REI corporate & asked if she could pop by to try some kids clothes on Axel to get an idea of how they fit a real body (they were samples for 2011).   It was so great to see her & briefly catch-up.  Axel was a champ as we stuffed him into 4 different pieces.  As a thank you she left us with some great clothes for both kids!  Below is a pic of L & Ax in their new down jacket and vest.  SO cute and such a blessing.  Perfect timing for this super cold fall and winter.
Thank you Hanna for your generosity and putting up with my squirrely kidos.  (I know we all could have done without L showing us her booger before you left - welcome to my life with a 2 yo...) :)  You were so patient & gracious... It was fabulous seeing you!

Saturday, 13 November 2010

28 mos. 7 mos.

Happy 28 months to my big girl.  She loves talking, reading, singing, reading, jumping, reading, playing with her brother, reading, doing summersaults, reading, dancing, reading & being outside.  
Happy 7 months to her brother.  He loves watching her, sitting up all by himself, jumping in the Jumperoo, & eating sweet potatoes, rice cereal, avocado & tofu.  He still rolls onto his tummy & gets stuck.  He also still has thighs to behold (if you're ever having a rough day, come on by and checkout these lovable legs - it will change your life.)    

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Axel Benj

I'm pretty sure this pic needs to be in the next Patagonia catalog.  Fabulous fleece.  Cheeks.  Mountains.  Sold!  (Go ahead... click on the pic - enlarge it to see just how yummy this kid is...)
Laila loves putting things on his back while he has tummy time.    
Ta-da!!!  Sitting-up all by myself!!!  
I love this pic b/c you can really see just how thick his wrists are.
I have my very own Pop-Eye.
This is my almost 7 mos old son.  What a blessing he is!  

Saturday, 6 November 2010


I've been itching to fill this space:

I've also needed ideas on how to display family photos & Laila's art work.  This gal spoke at MOPS last week & shared the following idea:  

Don't get me wrong - this is nothing I'd have on display in the living room but, it's perfect for our hallway downstairs outside the laundry room.  Someday when I have the energy & the money I'll throw together more of a photo wall with nicely framed pics & art but, until then.... this suites us just fine.  How do you display your kid's artwork?

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Jelly beans.

Tis the season for pomegranates.  Laila thinks they're jelly beans.  At first we thought it was cute.  But I've started correcting her so that she doesn't think I'd really let her eat 20 jelly beans with breakfast.

Fall is in the air...

Doesn't this zebra look so out of place?  (This is, of course at our local zoo...)

Happy Birthday sweet sister!

I'm so thankful for my beautiful, hilarious, smart, passionate, loving sister.  
We love you & hope you have a wonderful day! 

A-K & Lai 8/08