Thursday, 25 August 2011

Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Melissa's birthday celebration will not soon be forgotten.  Celebrating a beautiful person, with no kids, perfect weather, laughter, great food, & a yacht.  

Our captain (& chaperone...), Walt  :)  

Bill Gates' house

Mountlake Cut 
University & Ship canal bridges
My old stomping grounds, Lake Union
Gas Works Park 
Sleepless in Seattle house
Melis & her dad 
Our world traveler, Lynette :)

Abri Bleu

Pisco fam
Love you Melis!!!  

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Bed bug.

L is now the proud owner of a big girl bed.  This frame was my mom's when she was little!  I'm still looking for the perfect bedding.  In the meantime, she's loving it & hasn't rolled out.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

How 'bout them apples.

My mom & I snatched up 4 boxes of Gravensteins when we found them at a local fruit stand.  We then got busy making applesauce.

Sixty bucks & 6 hours later - BAM!  My freezer is now full of our cow & applesauce.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Kimmer & MJ reunion.

College girls: Kim (been living in China the last 6 years) & Merrell (now in Portland) stayed with us for the weekend.  Jason worked the entire time so, it was 3 moms with 5 kids.  Beautiful, special, exhausting & fun.  Kim requested lots of beach time, salmon & bonding.  Done, done & done.

K with 5 mos old Basil (rhymes with dazzle)
May I take this moment to explain to you how edible this little nugget is?
His smooshy cheeks connect under his chin to form one U-shape of yumminess.  I basically was fighting Kim for this little guy all wkend... We miss you Bazzy!!!
And, he poohs in the potty.  No joke.  
And then here's my other nugget of love who has quite a few U-shapes of smooshy of his own....
Axel is getting so big & finally WALKING! 
Golden Gardens 
Lai loved having so much play time with Grace & Isaiah.

Colorado, Texas, Washington, Scotland, England - we've traveled together a bit.
I'm so happy knowing this will continue for many years to come.  
My girls, now mama's & even more beautiful than ever!  
Thank you for this time to be real, love on each other, vent, shop, rub backs, eat & laugh.  You both are truly one of a kind.  Love doing this life with both of you!  Here's to Colorado summer 2012 - (& a 14er!!!)

Monday, 8 August 2011

Lake Chelan camping.

It's been 6 years since I've been to Chelan, SIX YEARS!  After going every year before that, it was fun heading east with my 3 year old & introducing her to the tent way of life.  Beautiful, warm, Lake Chelan.  Thank you parents & Bazan's for letting us crash on your site.

Our trip included camping, s'mores, water skiing, lots of much needed gram/papa/Bazan time, paddle boarding (with Lai!), enter-tubing (with Ellanor, Lai & a bee that stung me twice...!), visiting Melis & the kids, bumping into Maija while dining at Lakeview Drive In, Manson farmers market & lots of SUN!  There was also a slight "hick-up" involving an officer, me speeding, carrying no current proof of insurance & no current proof of registration... (I feel it would be appropriate to take a moment to give a shout-out to "Officer Chelan" for NOT ticketing me at all!!!*  Thank you kind sir & thank you Jason & Jeff if you know what I mean...)

Lai could have slept 24 hours straight after returning home.  It was great bonding time & so fab getting out of dodge!

Riding around standing through the sun-roof of papa's truck...
Mornin' blueberry pancakes
"Mom & daughty"

To check-out more LC pics - stroll on over to A-K's site...

*Just incase you're still gasping at the list of illegalities above, we just switched insurance so, we forgot to throw the new card in the glove box... No excuse for the registration: how did I never know the paperwork that's sent to you with your tabs is meant to be signed & kept in the car!?!?!  And, I was speeding.  Carry on.