Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Family day filled with downtown & gingerbread.

The 2011 Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton, followed by strolling through Pike Place Market, eating-our-hearts-out at DragonfisH & strolling downtown.  Capping off the evening decorating our own GB house & having story-time with Gram.

Sheraton Gingerbread Village theme:  Holiday Express (with Polar Express playing in the background).

Know how to tell if someone is an out-of-towner?  They say, "Pike's Market".  
Tisk.  Tisk.  
Mesmerized by the Beechers Flagship curds separating from the liquid
(my mouth is watering as I type.)    This pic is dedicated to you MJ!  
We all equally enjoyed DragonfisH.  They do not disappoint.  


Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Teach every child about food.

This Jamie Oliver clip is about 20 minutes & well worth your time.  Are you are a parent & need a little kick-in-the-pants to get your family eating healthy?  I know this video will inspire you to eat & cook REAL food; cut out fast food & school-made lunches; as well as make time to teach your kids about veggies, cooking, avoiding obesity etc.  All such vital life lessons.  If you know me, you know that I struggle with fun, healthy food ideas for my children.  However, seeing a clip like this reminds me of it's importance.   I will press-on!  

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Life Lately.

Every now & then I fall behind with blogging so I have a "Life Lately" catch-up.  Fall has been a busy time for us.  It's involved good things like ballet, MOPS, beautiful fall leaves, girl nights & play dates.  It's also involved 2 very bad things:  L has been sick for over a month (we think allergies) & I was rear-ended.  Lame.

knock, knock, knock  - HOUSEKEEPING!  
I came upstairs to find my son in my room helping with the chores...
(oh what uncle Jeff would have said if he saw this...)  :) 
He rear-ended her, she rear-ended me, I rear-ended a guy in front of me...   all because a high schooler (who just got his license) was driving his Land Rover way too fast.  Now 2 of us have whip-lash & all of us have crunched up cars...
We had the ol' high chair out from a dinner party the night before so, L jumped in & they ate their entire b-fast  holding hands... 
N rocking the soccer field.  
B, L, D rocking the sidelines.   
Fun day with Ellanor at an IMAX & Science Center.
My MOPS table from 2 years ago!  We still meet a few times a year.
This hangout was so good for my soul.  

To see Halloween pics scroll on down to October 31st.  Speaking of Halloween... have you seen what my sister created???  

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


Before L walked in to her new (& very first ever) ballet class she said that she was hoping a boy was in the class that could "lift her up" (I suppose like she's seen in TV ballet shows) .  Alas, there were no boys but, she LOVED the class & as you can see was a total dolly.  Yay for fun classes at our local community centers!

All the other girls had skirts to hold with their curtsies, L improvised with her leotard... 

Her form was consistently right-on with her teacher's.  Atta girl.