Saturday, 7 August 2010

Lucky number 13.

Now and then we visit J at work and stay for dinner.  J started his career at Station 13, left for a brief stint to 22's and then jumped on the opportunity to go back to 13's when a spot opened 7 1/2 years ago.  We love visiting daddy and the crew, especially when Andy's family (Misty & Devan) are visiting too!  Laila and Devan (3) have always been pretty nervous about sitting in the rig but, after warming up to the idea both kids gave it a try and had a great time...  When the kids aren't exploring the fire engine, they're hanging out in the kitchen sharing toys and snacks or running through the hall and bunk room letting out intermittent squeals and giggles.  For some reason my pictures are totally blurry but, you'll get the idea.  

Dinner time

the kids loved jumping off the rig with Andy & Misty's help
Exploring our daddy's seats and gear

daddy's helmet

our little ham

good-bye hugs

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  1. I cannot believe that Axel has gotten rounder since I saw him last! Your hat shot is fab!