Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Slide park.

After dropping our car off to get it repainted: (compliments of our son drawing all over it with rocks...)

We found this gem of a park

Definitely worth the drive...

Monday, 29 April 2013

Star struck?

As I was checking out at TJ's the other day I did a double-take.  Low and behold - who was standing at the register also checking out was this gal.  It's not like she's Tom Cruise but, it was just so funny to see her in real life.  I had to say something, but what?  The only thing that came out of my mouth was, "Not to be creepy but, I totally follow your blog."  she said, "oh, I love that - that's so great!" That's all, and I left.  I could not stop giggling the entire way home.  I'm a dork.  (One can only imagine how much I would freeze-up if I ran into Bono or something... )  Oi.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Give him your hand.

When these turkey's start arguing.  They are sent to the steps to hold hands.  It immediately turns into giggles & they're free to play together again.
And the matching jams trend continues...

Friday, 26 April 2013

My starfish.

Just warming-up the beach, gettin' her ready for all the time we'll be spending here with these cuties this summer...

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Gettin' nakey.

I'm pretty sure Lai was dressing & undressing herself at age one.  Ax, not so much.  Lately we've had some issues & just can't make it past this point when trying to get undressed.

My Bell.

We had the honor of going to my niece's class to hear her read/act out a short story.  The kids felt so important getting to sit with all the older kids.  It was a great little break in the day.

Lion & the Mouse - Aesop's fable.  

Monday, 15 April 2013


Strolling through the zoo today I stumbled upon some darling turtles.

Layla, Laila

We were at a park the other day & bumped into the great dane with a great name.  Layla.
Both 42" tall... what are the odds? 

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Working hard or hardly working?

Over the last month I've flown to a few meetings for work.  When I was full-time BK (before kids) I went to some great locations like San Francisco a few times, Chicago (fav!), & Montreal (fav!).  I certainly didn't think I wanted to travel since being back part-time.  However, this last month proved me wrong.  Meeting #1:  San Diego.  Coronado Island to be exact.  Hotel Del on Coronado to be even more exact.  Pinch me!

I flew down early landing at 9:30am.  This meant I had exactly 9 1/2 hours before I needed to be anywhere.  Ready?  Explore!
So, I walked into this famous hotel, 
Checked-in in this lobby, 
And, got a key for THIS room....  Oh, what's behind those curtains you ask?  
BOOM.  I had this view.  Bananas, I tell you.  I was going bananas.  
This tiny morsel of a window had a direct west facing view of all beach.  
Corner room on top floor, anyone?  This is why one should always check-in early & smile at the staff.  I was in paradise.  (Paradise alone, wishing my family was with me but, it was still paradise for about 30 hours.)

At this time I had about 8 hours to do a bike tour of the island, read, lunch, swim, walk on the beach & eat ice cream, MooTime ice cream.

Rented a bike for 3 hours & toured this tiny yet scenic island.  
If you have never been to this island off the coast of San Diego, it's a must see.  It's basically half navy base and half ga-jillion dollar homes with some fancy-schmancy hotels along the beaches.  We usually make it out there on every San Diego trip but, have never stayed longer than an hour or two...

(Lifted this map from internet.)  
This is the Coronado Bridge, (the 2nd most popular bridge to jump, following the Golden Gate & leading in front of our Aurora Bridge...)  Other than that sad fact, it really is beautiful.  
After riding, I hit the pool & read.  But, when you're in such a beautiful place like this, I felt guilty being at the pool & not sitting at the "real pool" 50 yards away.    
So, I hit the beach.  
My room is pretty much in the center of this photo, top corner.  


I will go back someday... 
Meeting #2 was Phoenix.  It was the exact opposite.  Great hotel but, no view, totally boring downtown location.  NOTHING to do.  I mean, nothing.  There were about 2 stores open in each "shopping mall".  I don't know how many times one can walk into Urban Outfitters or Charming Charlies but, I'm sure I set the record.  It was a good meeting but, overall lame location.

Fortunately there was a DDD restaurant here.  This place & it's bacon was my saving grace.  

 Without a minute to spare - I flew home, ate dinner with the fam & was around to give my son his birthday gifts before tucking my big 3 year old into bed.
Happy Birthday sweet Axey Benj.  Mama loves you! 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

One, two, THREE - Dig in!

My sweet boy is turning three in one week!  Sadly, I'll be out of town for part of it so, we decided to celebrate him seven days early.  I wish I could say that he loved every minute of it but, I'm pretty sure this will be his last birthday party...  He loved playing with his cousins but, he was embarrassed & didn't like the attention during gifts & cake... (At least he didn't punch anyone this year while we sang him "Happy Birthday.") - Is he his father's son, or what!?  We promised him we would not do another party, but will think of something that will be equally as special to replace future parties.
Almost 3! 
J & I had a great time designing this dump truck, digger, roller cake!  
Bathroom ;)
Cones & caution tape everywhere!  
(This is exactly why we only invite family to birthday parties...  10 little cuties are enough to prep for thankyouverymuch. )
Thank you to ALL who came out to love on our little man & support our family.  I know it was so special for him to have everyone together (minus the birthday song...)  :)  Love you all!

-Axey's mama

Monday, 1 April 2013


So, today was a Bea-U-tiful sunny Seattle day.  We spent over an hour at the park soaking up the heat.  As L & A were swinging together, Laila started singing her heart out - making up a song about princesses, Jesus, our phone number - you name it.  Well, Ax wanted in on the action & tried to out-sing her: "LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, DON'T LOOK 'EM IN THE EYE; LOOK DOWN, LOOK DOWN, YOU'RE HERE UNTIL YOU DIIIIIIIIIIIIE..." over & over.  It was hilarious.  (Clearly, I'm going through a Les Mis phase & need to lay-off the soundtrack.)  But, don't you love him!


HAPPY 75th BIRTHDAY to my fabulous UNCLE DAVE & faithful blog follower!!!  We hope you enjoyed the sun & felt celebrated.  We are so thankful for you!!!