Sunday, 30 June 2013

Living room complete!

I've gone 5 years without curtains in our main living area.  I scoured my photos and oddly this was the only one I could find to show you what it looked like "before" but, you get the idea...  Pa-laaaaain-Jane!  

Friday, 28 June 2013

Family Day #2.

The fish are running!  Head down to the Locks to see massive amounts of salmon right now.  We did this on our Family Day today.  We love The Locks and feel so blessed to have it so close.  It's great/free entertainment.  The boats were beautiful, the day was warm and the fish were jumping like crazy!

Fish ladder. 
We could have watched the fish jumping all day long... 
...and the seals chowing down (Boo!).


When Axey was a babe, he would constantly play with my (then) long hair while nursing, while I held him or laid with him.  He loved playing with hair.  When he found his own - JACKPOT!  It was such a comfort to him...  That's why I love seeing him wake up with this hair.  I think it's so cute that at age 3 he still plays with his little patch up top while he sleeps.

And note this sweet shirt that was passed down... Definitely one of my favs (sniff, sniff).  I just passed on a matching one to a guy that works with J that has a son this age too.  Seems fitting to keep them in ff families... 

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Summer Family Day #1.

Summer's are busy for us.  J works a LOT, and with me working on most days that he's not working.  Well, we have decided to be intentional about having at least one family day a week.  We have them on the calendar and set aside the day (or most of the day) to be together to go out and DO something.

So, I now present to you Family Day #1 - Discovery Park hike:

Sunday, 9 June 2013

First recital.

L had her first ballet recital.  She was a flower fairy.  Thank you grandparents for coming out to cheer her on!  She still talks about being on stage.