Thursday, 19 August 2010

Evening at the park.

To celebrate Jeff & Melissa's birthdays we had a picnic at "the park".  As you can see, it was perfect weather & the kids had a great time.  I've been a little reluctant to tell everyone about this new(er) park because it's small, quiet, and only has 4 parking spaces.  But, I figure the few people that actually read my blog already know about it.  :)  I wish all family events could be down their!  It's heavenly.  

HELLO!?!?  Would anyone like to go to a park with passing trains & boats; & views of the Puget Sound & Olympics?    
Yes please.  
A & uncle J  
(wish I could tell you that I caught them hugging but, we asked them too...)  Still, TOO cute!

D, L, N
Our great picnic area.

Fun evening had by all.  Now drop everything and go check out Shoreline's sweet little gem of a park.  (But, leave a parking space for me!)

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