Saturday, 31 July 2010

Meg, meet Ax. Ax, meet Meg.

Megan's home from China!  After 3 years of teaching in China and only a handful of visits back to Seattle, my dear friend is home for good!  We were lucky enough to have her in town when Lai was born but, she was overseas when Axel joined our family.  They have now officially met.  Axey gave her some coos and flashed his gummy grin.  It was so special seeing sweet Meg finally getting to hold my favorite little man.  We look forward to many more play dates!  

Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Birt boys (and a few girls).

We celebrated grandpa Jerry's birthday tonight.  Birt family gatherings are always full of excitement anytime all 5 grandkids are together.  Laila adores her cousins, they all get along famously.  It was a perfect Seattle summer evening so, we jumped on the opportunity to grab some shots of g-pa with the kids.  As you can imagine, it was close to impossible to get a shot when everyone was looking at the camera at the same time but, here are a few that turned out:
Silly N with "the triplets" 
(the boys decided to walk in the pool with their pants on earlier, so they remained pantless most of the night...) 

L, B, D, N with g-pa

All 7 Birt boys

G-pa with his 3 boys and his 5 grandkids

Happy Birthday Jerry!    

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Thanks Lo!

Lai sports her new skirt every chance she gets. 

These shoes are pretty darn cute & actually fit Axel's chubby little feet with room to boot.

 And, I love our new mug!  Since we haven't been drinking hot liquid lately, I've been using it as a vase on display in the kitchen window.   

Thank you Laurel for your thoughtful gifts for our family!  We love and miss you!  

Sunday, 25 July 2010


Berries from our yard!





Not once, but TWICE today I walked in on our little man with his jungle gym toppled over on him.   He kicks so hard - it unhooks completely!  Big sister doesn't waste a minute and runs over, "you okay Axey, you okay?"   



"Mama, baby Greta taka baff!"

I will now remember to throw out Ax's bath water right after he's done with it... 

Saturday, 24 July 2010


If you know me, you know I LOVE baby legs, the chunkier the better.  I could not be more proud to have some of my very own (Axey's) to squeeze and kiss.  As you can see, they're about the same size as L's.  Love!

This picture makes my heart melt.  

Thursday, 22 July 2010

3 months going on 12.

This is what a 20 pound 3 month old looks like.  It's hard not to smile when you look at our sweet, chunky little man.  He's been such a delight and a perfect addition to our family.  We couldn't love him more.

The swing is no longer strong enough to rock him so, we just use it as a seat.  He often sits here trying to keep up with all the action in the kitchen.  

Big Ingrid & little Ingrid.

My sister & I grew-up babysitting for Ingrid and her 3 siblings.  Now they are all old enough to babysit our kids!  My kids and I popped over to visit with Gina and Ingrid today.  It's always a treat to sit, visit, and eat yummy snacks that Gina whips-up.  Arriving home, Laila couldn't wait to tell daddy all about her fun adventures with Ingrid today - she made quite the impression on this little 2 year old.  Thanks ladies for such a special evening!   

the girls

Thank you Cynthia Lair.

Quinoa, carrot, parsley, sunflower seed, garlic, lemon, evoo, & soy sauce goodness.  

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


On days that daddy works, we talk about him all day and look forward to his arrival home at 8am sharp the next morning.  This nice sign that L decorated will be waiting to greet him.  

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Monday, 12 July 2010

"The sky's not blue, let's go to the zoo..." (and I'm turning two!)

This year L's birthday was quite gloomy out and all morning it was pretty wet.  But, we had a great family day celebrating our big girl.  
L loves animals, swinging, pizza and ice cream (probably in that order).  So, to celebrate her birthday this year we decided not to have a party but, a family day doing things she loves.  We started off the day wandering around the zoo and stopping in to feed the giraffes.  They are amazing!  Laila was pretty cautious, but she did better than expected.  

Ax dressed for the occasion...

L & her buddy, the gorilla...

brown bear

my little bear


Next stop: swings

Snap shot of what she was doing at the time of her birth, 12:44pm:

stretching!  (she's her mother's daughter...)

After a great family nap time we went to one of our favorite pizza places with grandma and grandpa Birt:

Followed by good 'ol Molly Moon's:

gobbling up Theo chocolate & strawberry coconut

It was a fabulous day and I think she felt really special.  

Sweet Laila Ingrid's two!

blond curls.
big blue eyes.
favorite food: blueberries.
adores her brother, "Axthy" or "Axth-mue".
loves throwing, kicking, rolling balls.
pees on the potty.
talks on the phone.
zips-up her own jams.
loves boots.
talks about gorillas everyday.
loves her back scratched.
delicious nakie buns.
loves Dan,our mailman.
closes her eyes and holds hands when we pray.
loves to dance and sing.
has such a sweet spirit.
could swing for hours.
favorite outfits: swimsuits or hand-me-down jammies from Derek & Brendan
total daddies girl. 
our favorite girl, Lai Lai.

one year ago

the birt clan

first family bike ride

she's been a part of many research studies at UW

she went through a phase where she loved holding things under her (double) chin

first corn maze, (Ax's starting to show...!)

beach in Maui

always finding things to stack

one of many visits to see daddy, "yee" (Lee), "annie" (Andy) & the "weew woow" (engine) at 13's

flying our kite in Seaside, OR

loves watching soccer with daddy (really!)

Easter morning

always kissing my tummy and talking to Axel (note: lovie in hand...)

this is one of my favorite pictures - she couldn't contain her excitement to meet her new brother

food and lovie - what more does a girl need... 

driving the tractor at the zoo 

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter!  Happy birthday, big girl!