Sunday, 30 September 2012

The sling.

Surgery has come & gone.  I'm now at the halfway point of sling-wearing.  2 wks down, 2 to go.  I've learned to live life with only the use of my left arm & I must say... it's not as bad as I thought.

I can now: dress myself (including a bra!!!), put contacts in, shave my L armpit, vacuum, and clip the littles' nails.  I still struggle with: opening jars, cutting anything with scissors or on a cutting board, taking my shirt off, putting my sling on by myself, buckling the kids, and putting earrings in.

I head back to work this week & will attempt my first drive.  (Which is legal & okay with my doc as long as I don't have a sling on at the time).  I'm thankful for the handicapped parking pass that will allow me to park right in front of my office.  And, I plan to arrive early so that I don't have to parallel park.  :)


Monday, 17 September 2012

I like my arms, which is unfortunate because...

I'm having shoulder surgery today.  I feel like this looks like a "first-day-of-school" pic however, it's actually a "last-day-to-be-with-my-babies-using-both-arms,-for-months" pic.  (sniff... sniff...)

"pack-packs" are packed and ready to go to the g-parents for the day...
I'll either be MIA for awhile while recovering or I'll be bored out of my gourd posting 24/7.

Garden update:

We have loved growing sunflowers this year.  They bloomed just in time to cheer me on!

Raise the Roof!

Note the awesome tarp on the chimney...
New roof - Ta da!  

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Soccer, Birt style.

Saturday's are officially the most hilarious day of the week around North Seattle.  L and her cousin's playing on the same team (the Huskies) + watching all the other 4 year olds "playing", is such. a. hoot!  To be honest, it's actually painfully funny.  (I now kinda understand how parent's get so out of control).  Imagine if you will, L is 2 feet away from the goal - one measly little twirp angel is in front of her and she's just standing there!  Waiting, waiting for the other team to make a move - not wanting to kick it away (in to the GOAL?!?), she then finally tries to kick it in... and misses... (At this point, I refuse to even glance at Jason as I know he's taking a very deeeep breath, while clapping and fake smiling...).  Anywhoooo, it's quite suspenseful.  And, as you can see, they sure are cute.

Daydreaming in her running skirt while finalizing the plan of attack with coach, "Uncle Donny".  
The Huskies secret weapons.  Very secret.  
This is basically how L looked the entire game.  Fluttering.  It's very clear that we need to work on running form.  
J's now informed me that he's starting her on 2-a-days.  

Too soon?  :)  Come out & join-in on the fun, if you're around!  

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Relax Ax!

This big guy is all about order.  OCD much?  I canNOT tell you how many people say to us, "I bet he'll be an engineer"...  If a drawer is left open, he closes it; he puts lids back on everything, has to have his particular 2 blankies on him every sleep, has to have most toys put away in his room before he can fall asleep, it goes on and on... If he has something to stack or line-up, he does it.  I'm sure most 2 year olds go through this stage but, I don't remember Lai being quite so orderly with EVERYthing.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Summa Time!

We've had a full summer & even had time to check-off a few things from my summer bucket list!

~L learned to swim
~A is now potty trained day & night!  (After over 4 years of cloth diapering the kids, we had a partaaay...!  well, a party in my head but, we should have had a real party!!!)
~found a great strapless
~ate lots of things from our garden and your gardens (wink!)
~watched minimal TV
~and had 2 wiener roasts with neighbs to get to know them more.

Still have some things to check off but, I'd say we were pretty successful.

Here are a few pics worth sharing...

4th @ my folks. 
SOLD!  Good-bye little rollerskate.  
Lots & lots & lots of play time at parks.
Blueberry pickin' at our favorite field. 
Pull-up carrot.  Spray off carrot (& self).  

13's summer family dinner 2012. 
A harvest of beans, carrots & tomatoes one evening...
Girls wkend in Mt. Hood, OR - fabulous reunion!  
Headbands, earrings, tutus, ballet slippers & underoos - check.  
Visiting our buddies Sylvi, Magnus, (Axel, Laila) & Ingrid
Why not.  
L's starting soccer soon so, we've been spending many evenings at the field kicking the ball around.  

Watches dad throw, then tries himself.  

August, watching trains (post fire).  
July, watching trains.

So -long sweet Seattle summer, 2012.