Thursday, 26 August 2010

Sounders lose to Monterey 2-0.

Last night was our first date night in a looooong time.  We went to dinner & then zipped down to the game.   This was our 4th soccer match.  3 of the matches the Sounders were playing international teams (England, Spain, & last night was Mexico).  They lost them all.  The other game we attended the Sounder's weren't even playing - it was the MLS Cup...  I wanted so badly for them to win last night.  (Not because I really care about the team, but my husband does!!!)  I wanted him to see a win, live...  I promised myself I wouldn't ask him any soccer questions during the match, so that he could just enjoy it - even though I was dying to ask him what "off-sides" means (for the 100th time - no joke, I cannot wrap my brain around it!)... Anyway, I withheld and just sat there with my man while he was watching his favorite sport.

this cute little guy in ear protection made me miss my cute little guy
the boys pre game

Thanks lover-face for a fun evening out!  Next time we'll have to attend a normal match against a national team that they have a chance at beating!  (And, thank you g-ma & g-pa for taking care of our little ones while we were away!!!)

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