Sunday, 22 August 2010

Baby's breath (not the flower).

How did I miss this with my first?  I L-O-V-E baby's breath, LOVE!  No teeth in or food entering to build up bacteria.  The breath smells sweet and so pure.  I won't start Ax on solid's until he's at least 6 months old and I will be savoring every last day of my toothless, milk fed baby's breath until then.  (Not sure what I'm talking about?  Come, have smell for yourself!)  


  1. Kar, Sherry and I caught up on the Olsson girls blogs today--we love following all of them, and your little ones are so adorable!

  2. It makes my stomach drop. Dave and I have noticed that Nils' still smells that way, still; milky and sweet. So it won't disappear for a while, even after food and a few teeth pop thru!