Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween x 3.

Celebration #1 at a local church with the twins.

Celebration #2 Family dinner at 13's the day before Halloween.  Dave, Lee, Jason, Andy.  These guys worked together for over 8 years.  It was rough seeing both Dave & Lee leave.  However, both guys were able to make it back for a special evening together.   I feel like it's such a cliche saying how special it was having everyone together again.  But, it was.  We don't take anything for granted these days.  They are our Station 13 family.   We enjoyed every minute of it.

Our version of "Raggedy Ann & Andy".  

Laila was so happy to see her buddy back.
She often asks to speak with him when calling daddy at work.  We miss Lee terribly.   

Celebration #3 Various neighborhood quick visits.

It's become a tradition to trick or treat at Gina's.   
When it was all said & done, I had a very tired lion & dolly.

Friday, 28 October 2011

Seattle memorial.

We were out of town for the Seattle memorial ceremony so, we headed downtown today to see it.   I wanted to be there before the rain clouds moved in for the day & before the last of the leaves fell for the year.  It was perfect.  As sketchy as Pioneer Square is, the city sure picked a lovely place to come, remember & honor the fallen.

We miss you so, Jeff.  

Too many names on this slab of stone.  

Before getting to the memorial we bumped into Ladder 4, Jeff's truck.  It wasn't Jeff's crew but, it was special to get to see them & 
show my kids where uncle Jeff sat.  

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Farm.

We tried out a different pumpkin patch this year, The Farm.  
Megan joined the kids & I for the fun-filled day away.  

Hay ride! 

We loved this place & both agreed this was the best one we had ever been to.  After arriving home, I read a friend's blog & apparently we missed the corn pit & duck races - shoot!  
We'll for sure have to go back next year.  

Saturday, 15 October 2011

San Diego.

Just about every rainy day over the last year I heard Jason grumble under his breath... "We're moving to San Diego."  Well, that won't happen any time soon however, we did sneak-in a quick trip.  We bought a 5-day parks pass giving us the freedom to go to SeaWorld, the famous SD zoo, & the SD zoo's safari park.  We saw a LOT of animals, ate at many Triple-D hot spots & enjoyed our time away.

Jason's cousin, Alli & daughter Addi joined us for one of our visits to SeaWorld.  They drove 2.5 HOURS (one-way!) to spend time with us.  Isn't that AMAZING!?!  It was wonderful to see them, Addi is growing into such a little lady.  We were so blessed to have them by our side.  I'm pretty sure they need to move to Seattle ASAP!  :)


Day 2 @ SW (Jason's b-day): 
Tower ride - checking out the construction site
(Notice the new bling for my Curious George?)   


What the heck - go crazy, get WET!!!  This was such a perfect way to end the hot day at the park...
All cooled off.  
I've been to SeaWorld many times (always leaving committing to become a whale trainer...) It was sad to see that trainers are no longer allowed to swim with Shamu, (now the Shamu show is pretty lame).  But, it was nice to see the dolphin show had been updated & that they are creating a new Manta viewing & ride...  Hopefully they will also finally figure out how to create shade in that park.  All in all, I still like it & it was fun seeing both kids so engaged in all the sea life around us.  

When Ax was naughty on the trip, Jason would ask him if he wanted to go live with the gorillas.  
small hippo 
the world famous pandas

L loves flamingo's - they are always a must see...
L made us take a pic of her in every one of these things around the zoo & sitting on every animal statue...
I got to the point that I would hold up the camera case & make the pretend click noise... "okay, looks great!"

This however, is not a statue.  Isn't he amazing?  

I have a crush... (on the koala & the peeps behind him...)  
Safari Park:

Ocean Beach:

OB pier
 Coronado Island:
Ice cream at Moo Time.
This is actually L's first ever ice cream on a cone! 

Balboa Park:

This is me the last time we visited Balboa.  Large & in charge with Lai.
(Makes me nauseous just looking at this pic)
2 kids later, our fam of 4 is complete.  

Judge all you want (auntie A :) ) but, this leash is awesome!  Strong-willed 1.5 yo + falling often + wandering off + doesn't like to hold hands = everyone's happy when he's wearing the monkey.  
The trees in SD are so beautiful.  
California Tower (where a princess definitely lives.)
The Old Globe theater 
This place is magical at dusk.
Our entire family loved roaming the park on this warm evening taking in the scenery.  
La Jolla:
Speaking of magical... And I quote, "O! beautiful, gorgeous, wish you were here!" 

Can you find the 3 seals?  


I don't regret going because now we know we'd never go back.  Compared to places like Disneyland & SeaWorld this place is dirty, run down and not worth half the price.  

L was only allowed to do a handful of rides - some of which were closed for maintenance.  
So, we lied & said she was 4 so that she could go on this one.

Gaslamp district:
I should have gone to this SALON instead of Legoland.  
To get my hair done by INGA herself!!!  Childhood besties.  It was beyond fabulous catching up with this girl even though she was with a client.  I surprised her hours before our plane departed.
Her new salon is amazing - congrats to you Inga-bear!!!
If you live in the SD area - you must get pampered here & tell her that Karlee sent ya.  

After flying to Anaheim, Austin, Lincoln, Santa Barbara, Denver & San Diego in the last year, this was the only vacation we did as a complete family & without anyone else.  It was a special way to wrap up a long year.  & I'm happy to report there are no trips in the works for awhile.  I for one am looking forward to staying local for awhile (bet ya never thought you'd hear me say that!) & completing some home projects that have been whirling around in my head.