Friday, 22 October 2010

My day.

This morning I walked into the kitchen & immediately was hit with the smell of onions.  "Yuck!  What smells like onions!?!" I complained... before I caught a glimps of this on the counter...

(Oh, this amazing meal that you prepared at 6:30am while you let me sleep in....) "I mean, yum - I'm excited for this fabulous meal, husband!"

Late morning, Laila thought it was really fun to give Axel some blankies, so he'd be "cozy"...  In true Birt O.C.D. fashion she would open the storage bench, pull out ONE blanket (that was neatly folded... sigh), close the bench, go place it on her brother, and go back & do the whole thing over & over again.  Before I knew it, he had 14 blankets on him.  

She then put them all away for me singing the "clean-up" song... what a helper (again... sigh)!  

After the devine dinner Jeremy & Monique joined us for L's first real movie night with popcorn & Thomas Kemper's.  She lasted about an hour before we brought her to bed & she crashed.  

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  1. (sigh) what a nice day: yummy food & yummy kids.