Tuesday, 26 October 2010

All in the name of research...

I realize you don't need to know every detail of my every day but, today has been a doozy.  This afternoon I rushed out the door to get Axey to a research study at UW on time, found the specified parking lot & parked.  I could write a book about all that was happening between me getting out of the car & almost getting my child out of the car, but bottom line: I locked my keys, son & phone in the car.  Think about this.  Keys.  SON.  Phone.  And, lets assume I don't have OnStar or a spare magnet key box in my wheel well, Mkay...!?

As you can imagine this posed a bit of a dilemma.  Without a phone I would need to go to a phone, but I couldn't leave Ax.  Luckily, many kind strangers stopped to be of assistance.  Unfortunately, all coat hanger-less.  Long story short:  a locksmith arrived and wanted $225(!), I declined & ended up paying him $45 - about $40 too much... (Not that Axel isn't worth every penny but, he was fine & loving the attention of all the onlookers - he would have managed waiting 25 minutes for Jason to arrive with a spare key...)

Needless to say we arrived to our little research study late but, Axel did a stellar job.  You can't tell in this photo but, he has wires hooked up to his right ear - (it was a hearing study, same one that L did 2 yrs ago).
Axel today
Lai 1/09

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  1. Kar, Sherry and I just love the blogs you Olsson girls (& Goria) put up! Your little dolls are so cute! Leila as raggedy Ann is just too too cute!
    Love you much!
    Tio D