Sunday, 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween!

 Mickey & Eiffle Tower
 little jaguar cub & Raggedy Ann
 (this dress was mine when I was little!)  
off to (the) grandmother's house(s) we go!  
 This WAS going to be Ax's costume (corn on the cob) however, it was a little too snug. (que - "fat guy in little coat"...) Thank you Seckles for lending us the jaguar at the last minute!!!  
 The Olsson side: jag, Raggedy, princess Leia & ewok

Birt side: Buzz, jag, Super girl, Raggedy, Woody 

We even snuck in a quick visit to the Thorstenson's in-between!  Happy Halloween all!  

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  1. So many fun characters & LOVE your "sweet moment"!
    Thanks for sharing!