Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Just us.

I'm not sure how this began, but for some reason Hard Rock Cafe is "our thing"... We're not necessarily drawn to the food, the atmosphere or the T-shirts but, when there's one in a city we're visiting - it's a "must do".  We hold the fondest memories of the one in Rome.  Because of this tradition, we've been talking about hitting-up the new one in Seattle.  The Seattle Hard Rock is actually the most unique out of all of them because it ONLY has memorabilia of artist from Seattle, focusing specifically on 80's & 90's Seattle grunge.  We had a nice little dinner, just the 2 of us.
We then jumped on a bus and went to the Sounders game.  They won!  The curse is broken!  They actually won a game that we attended.  And, not just any game... it was the US Open Cup!  They won the whole tournament!  Husband was happy, so I was happy.

 everyone cheering holding their scarves up with 2 hands!
the back of the ceremony

What a game...!  We then jumped on a train and went home.  Thank you Birt's & Lorelle for watching our little lovies while we were out!

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