Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Disneyland & California Adventure

We had a fabulous vaca with J's side of the fam.  There were 13 to 18 of us at any given time & I must say how impressed I was that we were all very comfortable to do our own thing with still getting lots of  family time in.  It took L some time to warm up to the rides (& figure out what rides were) but, once we jumped that hurdle she had a blast & loved the time with the giant Birt clan.  Ax also did great, he was often found in the stroller, in the Ergo or in our arms.  He was a champ and loved all the people watching.  Disneyland truly is such a fun and easy family vacation.  I can't wait to go back!

(this was taken on the last day.  the word "wet" is putting it mildly.  but still, oh so fun!)

 the triplets in their Mickey and Minnie shirts
 if your mom let you eat a marshmallow Minnie, what part would you eat first?  Why the face of course!  
 this is one of my favorite pics of L.  She loved the teacups.
 my honey with some honey
nightmare before xmas haunted house
 on Dumbo
 silly boys in their jams
 getting to the park early had it's perks - L & I had a whole rocket to ourselves!  

 L & M
 small world
 very first french braid
 driving uncle Jeremy around
 trying out Mickey's chair in his house
on her way up a big coaster... she freaked.

 the glue that held the group together - thank you Birt's for EVERYTHING!  
 the kids visiting with their 2nd cuz, sweet Addison
 6 mos Ax & 16 mos Addie, both 23 lbs 
 matching girls
 J's aunt Joan brought games and prizes for the kids.  the kids had a blast - it was so fun getting to visit with Joan, Theresa, Alex, Alli & Addi.  (keep us posted on that blog Alex!!!)  

Ax & Lai by their letters...
L loved going on the ferris wheel.  Her parents?  not so much... it's really high! 

we ate our way through this watermelon many a time...
 yippee!  tall enough to go on bumper cars!  
 view of Tower of Terror.  name says it all - free fall in an elevator - yikes!   

 L liked to pile her cars on him while they road around in the stroller.  he didn't mind at all...
 Muppets 3-D
 wet day in the only long sleeves that we brought...
 L & I had the pool to ourselves on this cold rainy day...
 luckily Ax had an extra fleece to loan L 

Fun time had by all.  We were lucky to get nice weather until the very last day.  

*some of these pictures were taken by Melissa & Monique - thanks ladies!

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