Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ziss Ziss Ziss!?

Like all kids, L has her own language.  Here are a few words that I can't bring myself to correct.  She's totally capable of saying them correctly but, it's just so darn cute when she doesn't:
"parrot" = pear
"ziss ziss ziss?!" = what is this? or who is this?
"it's darking" = it's getting dark
"rubber band" = bandaid
"mama hold you?" = mama hold me?
"we woow" = fire engine
"I'm busy" = I'm dizzy (she's really into twirling...)
"swim soup" = swim suit
"yeah sure" = yes sir (from the "I'm in the Lord's army" song)
"mail mue" = mail man
"nak" = napkin

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Birt family day-O-FUN.

We (& when I say, "we" I mean "I") declared today to be "family fun day".  We packed up the kidos & headed downtown.  
Seattle Public Library - this place is AMAZING!  

Seattle's historic Smith Tower.  Built 1910-1914.  They started construction 100 years ago!  

 Access to the observation deck is via the last manually operated elevators on the west coast.  
This cute gentleman was our elevator operator.  
Thank you Jesus for these 3 lives beside me.  

 This employee LOVED Laila & would surprise her in each window as Laila ran by outside.  
My sweet little man that was so tired but, didn't let out so much as a peep.  
A look at the architecture above the outer observation deck.  A couple & their 2 young kids occupy the top 3 floors.  How would you like to grow-up in the top of the Smith Tower?  The employee pictured above said that the oldest girl learned to ride her bike going around the observation deck!  If you have not visited this fabulous icon of the city, DO IT!  You will not be disappointed.  

Happy 6th birthday Ellanor!

We love you!

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It felt good.

Today I ran six miles.  SIX miles without stopping to walk.  Six hardcore miles with hills all over the place.  It felt good.  As I was running I had one hour and five minutes to think.  Since having Axel I realized I haven't been honest about losing my baby weight.  I feel like I just blow-it-off & chalk-it-up to how much the kid eats & then change the subject... But actually, I've worked really hard, REALLY hard.  I've done cross-fit, weights,  runs on my own & runs pushing 50 lbs of kid in the double jogger... I've worked hard.  I don't think anyone will know the excitement that overcame my body when I finished my run today.  I haven't run this well since before the back injury, the back healing, kid #1 & kid #2.  It felt good. I love this video Julia posted.  It did inspire me today.  Maybe it will inspire you too? 

My apologies...

For some reason I can't cleanly edit my mess of a post below.  Pardon my spelling errors - I actually do have an education and know the difference between "there" & "their"...  Maybe I need to start blogging earlier in the day...?  Quick update: I no longer think Laila's a brat & the Boundary book is fabulous.  Carry-on...

Monday, 27 September 2010

The OTHER kid...

It's always been the OTHER kid that's having a tantrum leaving the park.  It's always been the OTHER kid that's talking back to his/her mom.  It's always been the OTHER kid that's not sharing their toys.  It's always been the OTHER kid that's saying, "that's miiiiine..." in a whiney voice.  

But, today Laila was the OTHER kid...  The first word that comes to my mind is "horrifying".  It was horrifying.  

Lillian and Rowen came over for a play date today.  The girls & the boys are both 11 days apart.  So, it's been really fun comparing stories & getting to know this family more & more.  However, I've noticed that when the girls are playing one-on-one Laila doesn't always play very nicely.  When we meet up at the zoo it's been fine because their's lots to see but, when it's a one-on-one play date it's been like pulling teeth trying to get her to share.  Long story short: she was a total brat (am I allowed to call my daughter that out loud?).  I'm realizing more & more that she plays great with kids that are older or younger than her or even kids her age if their'e more than one (ie nursery or her twin cousins...) but, we need to work on one-on-one times with kids her age...  

Needless to say, when they left I made & ate half my body weight of this, took a nap and will start reading this before bed... sigh...

Thank you Katrina, sweet Lillian and Rowen for coming to play today!  We hope you still want to be friends!  :)  

Friday, 24 September 2010

Life lately.

It's been awhile since I've blogged.  Here's what we've been up to:

 This was my life for a few days last week: puke.  My kids have never thrown-up before.  After this, I hope they never will again.  
L calls band-aid's "rubber bands".  I don't usually give her one unless there's blood but, I couldn't resist when she bonked her head the other day & asked for a "rubba-ban for ma head".  It miraculously felt better instantly.  How cute is she!? 
Lots of parents hate the popper toy.  L has loved it & I don't mind the loud noise at all.  Lately she's been using it as a vacuum & vacuums right beside me (I mean RIGHT beside me...).  This is the scene I often find when I come back into the room.  It brings a smile to my face every time.  
After - (do you notice a difference?)  
 My dear friend Laurel drove all the way from Missoula, MT to meet my son!  She even stopped to run (& rock!) a 32 mile race on the way!  We were so thankful to have her here for a few days! 
 Thank you for coming Lo Lo!  We loved having you (& voted that you should move back to Seattle soon!)  The kids of course adored her...
 This just arrived & I was able to start devouring it yesterday while taking a rest in bed.  This is my favorite issue of the year!  
Meg is now teaching right around the corner from us!  We are so happy she'll be close by & will hopefully pop-in often. 
 Laila LOVES this book & reads it everywhere & anywhere...!  "The MONSTER at the end of this Book" staring lovable, furry old Grover.  
 As you can see it was given to her daddy almost 30 years ago!  So special!  
 Quick family trip to the zoo today...

 Then a quick stop at g-ma & g-pa Birt's tonight....

Thursday, 16 September 2010


After her bath L told me she had to go "pooh-pooh".  So, we rushed to the potty aaaaand: wait for it.... wait for it... SHE POOPED!!!!  Hooray for our big potty-poopin' girl!!!  Hopefully she'll want to make this a habit.

Monday, 13 September 2010

5 months.

Today I'm 5 months old.  I'm about 22 lbs (6 lbs less than L!), I am getting better & better putting everything in my mouth, I smile even more than last month (which mommy thought was impossible), & I now wear the same size diaps as my 2 yo sister.  I can often be found giggling as I watch Laila, then I get her giggling & mama says it's all down hill from there - there's no stopping us... I continue to sleep & eat really well.  My hair is growing-in and sometimes looks strawberry-blond.  I'm starting to track mama & daddy's food to their mouths.  I'm so excited to try solid food in a month!  I still can't roll over but, sometimes mama catches Laila trying to teach me.  Dr. Seru said it may take me a little longer because of my hefty size.  

where's my buddy? 
there she is!  let the party begin!  (note: same diaps...!)

Friday, 10 September 2010

Done & done.

Our backyard storage shed has been a long time coming.  It sat in it's box in our garage for a year.  After it was finally put together, our neighbor asked if we wanted any old bricks.  We snatched them up & for the last year they've sat quietly in a stack next to our shed getting lost in a jungle of weeds.

Until now:  BAM!

It's not perfect but, I'm so proud of our completed project.  I can't wait to add some planters on each side and landscape a bit more.  


We had a busy day working in the yard so, we did something totally random for dinner: hot dogs!  We pulled out a pack of turkey dogs and tried some random toppings.  Dog, guac, salsa, cheese, and tortilla chips.  They were really yummy.  

My guy brought this home from the market today.  He must know me really well.  This dessert was fabulously lavender-y!  

Wednesday, 8 September 2010


My lovely Lai...  A girl that I thought I wanted to be a boy.  Again, I'm so thankful the Lord knew better.  This little energetic, compassionate, love-bug has been our "chauffeur" lately.  Driving us to the zoo, the "go-see" store, grandparents houses, etc.  When we saw this commercial on TV - it almost made us cry... I'm sure this day will be here before we know it.  

This week...

We broke out the exersaucer for Axel.  But, guess who's been spending the most time in it...? 
What?  You want to be trapped in a toy, entertaining yourself for 20 minutes while I get house work done?  Okay... if you insist...   
The kids are in bed as I type this post & looking at this picture makes my heart long to snuggle him.  I can just feel his drool as our faces smoosh together & smell his sweet breath.  This is my boy.  A boy that I thought I wanted to be a girl.  I'm so thankful the Lord knew better.  
my Axel.
& my sweet Lai.  (who dresses this girl!?) 

Night night.  Time to smoosh my lips onto their cheeks one last time before heading to bed... 

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Swagger Wagon.

Some people call this their swagger wagon...  

This is ours:  

I promise we really do buy some things for our children but, we also get so many things handed down.  Meils happened to ask me if Laila would like this since the twins weren't using it.  I think my exact answer was, "she's going to pee her pants, she'll be so happy...!" As expected - she loves it and can't wait for Axey to ride in it with her.  Thank you cousins for such a fun toy!   

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Life as we know it will never be the same...

We're pregnant again!  (kidding, kidding!)  We have a new swing set!!!  My sister was trying to find a home for her fabulous little swing set.  (They are getting a bigger one from Anna's family.  Anna's moving & wanted to give hers to the Bazan's... confused yet?)  Thank you Anna, thank you sister, & thank you g-pa & papa for helping move the large pieces!  Laila will never be bored at home again...  

We didn't waste any time getting it washed & set up.  We promised Laila she could go for her maiden voyage after her bath, before bed... Here she is, in her jams as happy as a clam on her new set!  This will bring her & Axel years of enjoyment...