Friday, 24 September 2010

Life lately.

It's been awhile since I've blogged.  Here's what we've been up to:

 This was my life for a few days last week: puke.  My kids have never thrown-up before.  After this, I hope they never will again.  
L calls band-aid's "rubber bands".  I don't usually give her one unless there's blood but, I couldn't resist when she bonked her head the other day & asked for a "rubba-ban for ma head".  It miraculously felt better instantly.  How cute is she!? 
Lots of parents hate the popper toy.  L has loved it & I don't mind the loud noise at all.  Lately she's been using it as a vacuum & vacuums right beside me (I mean RIGHT beside me...).  This is the scene I often find when I come back into the room.  It brings a smile to my face every time.  
After - (do you notice a difference?)  
 My dear friend Laurel drove all the way from Missoula, MT to meet my son!  She even stopped to run (& rock!) a 32 mile race on the way!  We were so thankful to have her here for a few days! 
 Thank you for coming Lo Lo!  We loved having you (& voted that you should move back to Seattle soon!)  The kids of course adored her...
 This just arrived & I was able to start devouring it yesterday while taking a rest in bed.  This is my favorite issue of the year!  
Meg is now teaching right around the corner from us!  We are so happy she'll be close by & will hopefully pop-in often. 
 Laila LOVES this book & reads it everywhere & anywhere...!  "The MONSTER at the end of this Book" staring lovable, furry old Grover.  
 As you can see it was given to her daddy almost 30 years ago!  So special!  
 Quick family trip to the zoo today...

 Then a quick stop at g-ma & g-pa Birt's tonight....

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