Monday, 13 September 2010

5 months.

Today I'm 5 months old.  I'm about 22 lbs (6 lbs less than L!), I am getting better & better putting everything in my mouth, I smile even more than last month (which mommy thought was impossible), & I now wear the same size diaps as my 2 yo sister.  I can often be found giggling as I watch Laila, then I get her giggling & mama says it's all down hill from there - there's no stopping us... I continue to sleep & eat really well.  My hair is growing-in and sometimes looks strawberry-blond.  I'm starting to track mama & daddy's food to their mouths.  I'm so excited to try solid food in a month!  I still can't roll over but, sometimes mama catches Laila trying to teach me.  Dr. Seru said it may take me a little longer because of my hefty size.  

where's my buddy? 
there she is!  let the party begin!  (note: same diaps...!)

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  1. Happy Birthday Axey....we love you (and think you and your thighs are to die for:) Have a great day!