Tuesday, 28 September 2010

It felt good.

Today I ran six miles.  SIX miles without stopping to walk.  Six hardcore miles with hills all over the place.  It felt good.  As I was running I had one hour and five minutes to think.  Since having Axel I realized I haven't been honest about losing my baby weight.  I feel like I just blow-it-off & chalk-it-up to how much the kid eats & then change the subject... But actually, I've worked really hard, REALLY hard.  I've done cross-fit, weights,  runs on my own & runs pushing 50 lbs of kid in the double jogger... I've worked hard.  I don't think anyone will know the excitement that overcame my body when I finished my run today.  I haven't run this well since before the back injury, the back healing, kid #1 & kid #2.  It felt good. I love this video Julia posted.  It did inspire me today.  Maybe it will inspire you too? 

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  1. Karlee,

    You should be so proud! Firt because 6 miles is awesome and second because you have worked hard and it's paid off. You look great. Way to go, very proud of you. So inspiring my sistaaa! XOXO