Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Birt family day-O-FUN.

We (& when I say, "we" I mean "I") declared today to be "family fun day".  We packed up the kidos & headed downtown.  
Seattle Public Library - this place is AMAZING!  

Seattle's historic Smith Tower.  Built 1910-1914.  They started construction 100 years ago!  

 Access to the observation deck is via the last manually operated elevators on the west coast.  
This cute gentleman was our elevator operator.  
Thank you Jesus for these 3 lives beside me.  

 This employee LOVED Laila & would surprise her in each window as Laila ran by outside.  
My sweet little man that was so tired but, didn't let out so much as a peep.  
A look at the architecture above the outer observation deck.  A couple & their 2 young kids occupy the top 3 floors.  How would you like to grow-up in the top of the Smith Tower?  The employee pictured above said that the oldest girl learned to ride her bike going around the observation deck!  If you have not visited this fabulous icon of the city, DO IT!  You will not be disappointed.  

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