Thursday, 30 September 2010

Ziss Ziss Ziss!?

Like all kids, L has her own language.  Here are a few words that I can't bring myself to correct.  She's totally capable of saying them correctly but, it's just so darn cute when she doesn't:
"parrot" = pear
"ziss ziss ziss?!" = what is this? or who is this?
"it's darking" = it's getting dark
"rubber band" = bandaid
"mama hold you?" = mama hold me?
"we woow" = fire engine
"I'm busy" = I'm dizzy (she's really into twirling...)
"swim soup" = swim suit
"yeah sure" = yes sir (from the "I'm in the Lord's army" song)
"mail mue" = mail man
"nak" = napkin

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