Wednesday, 29 December 2010

So very thankful for prayer warriors!

A few nights ago our son come down with a serious & sudden case of croup.  It was nothing less than terrifying.  It still feels like such a blur because it all happened so fast.  We went from "maybe we should call the on-call pediatrician to ask what we should do about his funny sounding breathing?" to "CALL 911!!!" within 5 minutes.  We've never experienced croup or stridors before & we aren't experts but, please read this link so that you are more informed than we were.  If I knew then what I know now, we would have called 911 sooner.

Thank God he is now almost back to normal.

I am so thankful for:

#1 praying g-parents - God is our Healer & I know that he recovered so quickly because of all the prayers for our son.
#2 g-parents that live close & are willing to help at a moments notice (even in the middle of the night!).  It was such a blessing that we didn't have to wake Laila & take her to the hospital with us.
#3 speedy medic units
#4 Children's Hospital
#5 that a few months ago we happened to change the dates we would be in Canada (so thankfully, we were at home for this scary event.)
#6 that Jason was home - (it was his normal shift to work but, he decided to keep it off even though we didn't end up going to Canada...)  It would have been close to impossible to give Axel the care that he needed let alone do that while calling docs, g-parents, 911 etc...
#7 & finally that our son is alive & well!

By the time the medics arrived he was getting more air & looking better.  Daddy rode with him in the medic unit,  g-pa drove me & we followed.   Here are pics that I took once we knew for certain that my Axey was okay.

 His sweet little noggin in the bottom R corner of the window on the L.  
As usual - all smiles...

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  1. oh my goodness! so glad he is okay! we have lots to catch up on- you have been busy!