Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2nd annual trip to see the reindeer.

This year Melissa & I braved the crowds with our 5 kidlets at Swanson's (sans the hubs').  We had a nice little time.  The kids (of course) loved hanging out.  The other day Laila told me that she was a twin, when I asked her who she was twins with she said, "Derek & Brendan".  I'm pretty sure she's right...

(You know me... this being the 2nd year we attended this fun little event, here comes the stroll down memory lane.)

SO happy to have Axel out of my belly this year!  

                                                         Love this recent pic of the boys.  
                                              (I bet this is what they'll look like 70 years from now.  
                                                Hands in pockets, a goofy hat & just hanging out...)  

Where'd Derek go?  
 the girl still loves her koi
Next year Ax will squeeze onto the bench with the older kids.

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