Monday, 3 September 2012

Summa Time!

We've had a full summer & even had time to check-off a few things from my summer bucket list!

~L learned to swim
~A is now potty trained day & night!  (After over 4 years of cloth diapering the kids, we had a partaaay...!  well, a party in my head but, we should have had a real party!!!)
~found a great strapless
~ate lots of things from our garden and your gardens (wink!)
~watched minimal TV
~and had 2 wiener roasts with neighbs to get to know them more.

Still have some things to check off but, I'd say we were pretty successful.

Here are a few pics worth sharing...

4th @ my folks. 
SOLD!  Good-bye little rollerskate.  
Lots & lots & lots of play time at parks.
Blueberry pickin' at our favorite field. 
Pull-up carrot.  Spray off carrot (& self).  

13's summer family dinner 2012. 
A harvest of beans, carrots & tomatoes one evening...
Girls wkend in Mt. Hood, OR - fabulous reunion!  
Headbands, earrings, tutus, ballet slippers & underoos - check.  
Visiting our buddies Sylvi, Magnus, (Axel, Laila) & Ingrid
Why not.  
L's starting soccer soon so, we've been spending many evenings at the field kicking the ball around.  

Watches dad throw, then tries himself.  

August, watching trains (post fire).  
July, watching trains.

So -long sweet Seattle summer, 2012.  

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