Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Soccer, Birt style.

Saturday's are officially the most hilarious day of the week around North Seattle.  L and her cousin's playing on the same team (the Huskies) + watching all the other 4 year olds "playing", is such. a. hoot!  To be honest, it's actually painfully funny.  (I now kinda understand how parent's get so out of control).  Imagine if you will, L is 2 feet away from the goal - one measly little twirp angel is in front of her and she's just standing there!  Waiting, waiting for the other team to make a move - not wanting to kick it away (in to the GOAL?!?), she then finally tries to kick it in... and misses... (At this point, I refuse to even glance at Jason as I know he's taking a very deeeep breath, while clapping and fake smiling...).  Anywhoooo, it's quite suspenseful.  And, as you can see, they sure are cute.

Daydreaming in her running skirt while finalizing the plan of attack with coach, "Uncle Donny".  
The Huskies secret weapons.  Very secret.  
This is basically how L looked the entire game.  Fluttering.  It's very clear that we need to work on running form.  
J's now informed me that he's starting her on 2-a-days.  

Too soon?  :)  Come out & join-in on the fun, if you're around!  

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