Friday, 13 April 2012

2 years old!

If you're reading this blog, chances are you know what a cuddly, sweet, tough, loud, kind-hearted, solid, lovey, teddy bear our son is.  Most of my girlfriends call him their boyfriend.  He's a mama's boy that can hold his own.  He loves reading, running, copying his sister, eating, singing Jesus songs, swinging, trucks & our mailman.  Following the traumatic illnesses of earlier this month we were especially grateful to have our healthy little man back.  For L's 2nd b-day we visited the zoo & fed the giraffes.  Ax also wanted to spend his special day at the zoo.  We fed the penguins & birds, & rode the carousel.

feeding penguins
feeding birds 

White wolf just above shoulder.  

picnic lunch.  
our little b-day geek.  
Evening at Edmonds beach.
First visit of the year.  
L ran up to this store ooo-ing and awww-ing at the window decorations of this candy shop that was closed at the time.  The owner was walking by, went inside & came out with special treats for all.  "Anyone that appreciates the window display that much deserves a free treat!"  What a fun way to end a special family day.  We LOVE Nama's!!!  

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