Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Our son.

Our car has been on auto-pilot to Seattle Children's Hospital.  What started out as a slight barky cough, quickly turned into severe croup, (striders with him barely able to breath), & me frantically calling family & 911 at 11:30pm (as I was home alone with the kids...) Unfortunately, this reaction to croup has become all too common for our little guy.

When I hear other friends tell me that their child has/had croup I assume they had to call 911 too.  "Oh did the medics get there quickly?"  I never realized that most croup isn't serious and is treatable from home.  Sounds blissful.  Axel has now been at Children's (in & out) 4 out of the last 4 days.  He knows to stick out his finger on his own when he sees the O2 Sat machine pulled into the room & he knows to freak when the nebulizer mask is brought in... This little guy has been through a lot & we are happy to report he's on the road to recovery.
Trying to get some rest...
He's been such a trooper from the ride in the Aid Car the first night, to going through all the treatments.  As usual, he's melted the hearts of every nurse & doctor, & waves at other cutie-pie patients as he passes them in the hall.
We were bummed to miss out on Easter service & celebrations & are now praying he's well for his 2nd birthday.  So many of you have been covering us in prayers.  That has truly been the only thing holding me together the last few days.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love & prayers.

Our most recent trip to the hospital revealed that he's now recovered from croup, but has bronchiolitis & a small area of his lung is collapsed.  We are completely believing in Jesus for speedy healing in his body.
Where's Waldo?  What a blessing to have such a great view of the construction site for this typical boy!  (Every day the construction workers move around a Waldo mannequin for the kids to find. ) 
Thanks again for your love, prayers & support.

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