Monday, 12 July 2010

"The sky's not blue, let's go to the zoo..." (and I'm turning two!)

This year L's birthday was quite gloomy out and all morning it was pretty wet.  But, we had a great family day celebrating our big girl.  
L loves animals, swinging, pizza and ice cream (probably in that order).  So, to celebrate her birthday this year we decided not to have a party but, a family day doing things she loves.  We started off the day wandering around the zoo and stopping in to feed the giraffes.  They are amazing!  Laila was pretty cautious, but she did better than expected.  

Ax dressed for the occasion...

L & her buddy, the gorilla...

brown bear

my little bear


Next stop: swings

Snap shot of what she was doing at the time of her birth, 12:44pm:

stretching!  (she's her mother's daughter...)

After a great family nap time we went to one of our favorite pizza places with grandma and grandpa Birt:

Followed by good 'ol Molly Moon's:

gobbling up Theo chocolate & strawberry coconut

It was a fabulous day and I think she felt really special.  

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