Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter 2010, 9 days before having Ax

Easter 2011

It's become a tradition for us to color eggs on Easter day... Last year a dear friend was in Greece over Easter & told us that they dye all their eggs red for Easter to represent the blood of Christ.  And, she brought back a packet of dye for us to use this year! 

It was timely & beautiful since this is the first Easter we've actually grasped ALL that's in the Atonement.  Yes, Christ died on the cross for our sins, but He also was beaten & whipped for our infirmities before getting the the cross.  By His stripes WE ARE HEALED!  We have come to know this promise to be true in our family this year, 2000 years later.  He took up our infirmities (sickness, disease, injuries) so that we don't have to be sick, have diseases or injuries!  He's paid the price - we don't have to!  Claiming this authority that we have over sickness is real & life changing.  Thank you Jesus for your spiritual, emotional & physical healing that you promise in your Word & thank you for our salvation.  

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  1. All of your smiles warm my heart. Warm n fuzzies.