Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Axel Benj is ONE!

This has been an incredibly heavy week for our family.  I must admit... I had high hopes of creating the perfect first birthday cake(s), having a special theme, colors & fun goodie bags to send home with each child.  None of this happened.  But in true Birt fashion, we made the most of it & celebrated this little boy as best we knew how.

Happy birthday to the boy that has exceeded our expectations in every way.  We are madly in love with you & have been honored to be your parents.

 Birthday morning donuts & hot cocoa courtesy of M!
 First donut!  (For the record, he put the older kids to shame - he gobbled it up in record time!)
 Bake me a cake as fast as you can...

 Nils & auntie
 The gang
 Carrot cakes
 For Lai's first, we topped her cupcake with her favorite food, a blueberry.  
We did the same for Axel, a piece of stake.  
Taken at 6:45pm - the exact time he entered the world, one year ago.  

Thanks to everyone that came to celebrate our son.  
We look forward to having uncle Jeff at Axey's party next year!  

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  1. Happy Birthday Big Boy! Love, love, love you!