Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things I'm loving...

 Look at his cute tooth!  I love his new smile & the fact that he is eating more & more by himself.  
 These chocolatey mints from TJ's will change your life.  
 Why haven't I bought one of these in years past!?  This year we bought two & L-O-V-E it!  Great coupons supporting local businesses!
 This is totally random but, months ago my sister told me that she's started using dish soap for both dishes AND her hands at the kitchen sink.  Brilliant!  Why do we feel we must have seperate soaps?  We use this soap - it's not too slimy, it's clear & we've noticed no difference in how our hands feel.  I love not having a separate soap container by the kitchen sink.  We have it in our handy built-in pump & refill as necessary. 
 The triplets.  Laila loves all her cousins but, has bonded so much with these boys.  They play so well together...
 Where they go, she goes (whether they like it or not...)
 Are you a nursing mama?  Coconuts have amazing nutrients for you in their water & flesh.  I have loved these ever since I learned (the hard way) that the white part you see here is NOT edible.  You must dig a little to enjoy these "young coconuts" but, it's worth it...
Last but not least, my hubs... The kids & I have been sick this week, I've been severely sleep deprived for 7 nights (but who's counting) so, this man surprised me & is taking a sick day tomorrow to help out on the home-front.  THANKS so much babe!!!   

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  1. Hope you are getting caught up on your sleep today & all feeling better!