Thursday, 13 January 2011

9 months.

He was in me for 9 months & now he's been out of me for 9 months.

My sweet boy is 9 months old.  He continues to grow & learn more each day.  His hair is slightly strawberry-blond, he's probably about 27 pounds, we discovered his first tooth broke through yesterday, he rolls, he sits, still doesn't crawl, feeding himself, & drinks with a sippy cup.  He loves watching his sister goof off, loves taking baths, & I'm not going to lie - he loves me.  He's a total mama's boy, his face lights up when I walk into the room -  just sayin...

We are so thankful for our little guy (& mama will be even more thankful for him to start crawling)!  Here are some pics of him with one of his favorite toys.  He loves standing while hanging on for dear life.


  1. A heart breaker in the making! Absolutely adorable!!!

  2. That is Rowen's favorite toy too! We need to get them playing on it together soon!

  3. He is so so sweet...and he happens to be wearing my fav outfit! so cuddly and cute.