Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Terrible(y fun) two's.

Happy half birthday to our girl!  Laila is officially 2 1/2!  We celebrated with a walk around the block in the snow & lunch with grandma & grandpa.

Lai is officially potty trained & has only had a few accidents in the last month.  
She loves entertaining her brother. 
She loves tumbling class & practicing any chance she gets at home. 
She still takes a solid 2-3 hour nap everyday.
She loves talking on the phone with her grandparents.
She loves reading to "baby Greta" & her brother.
And, she loves being outside.

Her vocabulary still includes the following goofy phrases:
"rubber band" = band aid
"match stick" = chap stick
"Ingrin" = Ingrid
"muse-git" = music
"wee-woo" = fire engine
"Jeanie" = Gina

We love our little Laila Ingrid & can't believe that tomorrow she'll be closer to
her 3rd birthday than her 2nd.  

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