Monday, 12 July 2010

Sweet Laila Ingrid's two!

blond curls.
big blue eyes.
favorite food: blueberries.
adores her brother, "Axthy" or "Axth-mue".
loves throwing, kicking, rolling balls.
pees on the potty.
talks on the phone.
zips-up her own jams.
loves boots.
talks about gorillas everyday.
loves her back scratched.
delicious nakie buns.
loves Dan,our mailman.
closes her eyes and holds hands when we pray.
loves to dance and sing.
has such a sweet spirit.
could swing for hours.
favorite outfits: swimsuits or hand-me-down jammies from Derek & Brendan
total daddies girl. 
our favorite girl, Lai Lai.

one year ago

the birt clan

first family bike ride

she's been a part of many research studies at UW

she went through a phase where she loved holding things under her (double) chin

first corn maze, (Ax's starting to show...!)

beach in Maui

always finding things to stack

one of many visits to see daddy, "yee" (Lee), "annie" (Andy) & the "weew woow" (engine) at 13's

flying our kite in Seaside, OR

loves watching soccer with daddy (really!)

Easter morning

always kissing my tummy and talking to Axel (note: lovie in hand...)

this is one of my favorite pictures - she couldn't contain her excitement to meet her new brother

food and lovie - what more does a girl need... 

driving the tractor at the zoo 

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter!  Happy birthday, big girl! 

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  1. Happy Birthday Dolly Girl! Auntie and cousins are sending you loads and loads of lovin'! Come on over and take a birthday swing!