Wednesday, 4 September 2013

First day of school.

It's been FOREVER since I've blogged & I'm not going to make any promises of a "summer recap" (for heaven's sake, I haven't even finished my Christmas Disney posts...) But, I thought I would at least throw out a few of these goodies for your entertaining pleasure...

My oldest started Kinder this month.  It just so happens that we get to go to the #1 elementary in our school district, she has one of the best teachers (so I hear) and it's like 5 feet away from our front door. Blessing, blessing, blessing.

First Day Eve:  an Open House / Meet the teacher / See where you sit / etc...

Drawing a picture of herself learning to ride a bike without training wheels for her teacher. 
Where she sits.  
First day:  (Kleenex box in hand)...

We captured every family combo imaginable:

Toes painted, braids in and giant (empty) backpack on.  Ready?  Go!  

Mother/daughty pedi's

Ms. C - always squatting down to be at eye-level with the kids.... 
Lining up just before a complete stranger Ms. C took her away from me us...  I was standing next to a very pregnant lady and we were both shedding tears.  To which she stated, "I'm pregnant (sniff, sniff) - what's your excuse (for all the tears)...?" 
It's my BABY - she'll now be in school the rest of her life...!  

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  1. Oh sweet laila going to school! This brought tears to my eyes :) I am so glad you guys got such special pictures all together on her first day