Monday, 9 September 2013


Once again, this summer was filled with "HI DAN!", "Dan, can we deliver mail with you?", "Dan, can we sit in your mail truck for the millionth time?" "Dan, can we drive your mail truck again?" (don't ask - my lips are sealed...), "Dan, can we have this penny we found in your ashtray?" "Dan, here's another rock for your ashtray", "Dan, thanks for the special treats!" "Dan, can you eat lunch with us?"

Most neighborhoods know the mailman has arrived from the dogs barking or the gentle hum of their truck with mail doors squeaking opened & closed.  Our neighbors know he is here b/c of my kids greeting him from one block away.  "DAN'S HERE!!!!!!!!!"

We love Dan and feel blessed to have such a great guy paying us a visit each day.

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  1. i have been having withdrawals thanks for the updates it is so cool she is going to same school her daddy and uncles went to and Aunt Lorelle is at

    Love your blog; so happy u r back

    Aunt Joan