Saturday, 6 April 2013

One, two, THREE - Dig in!

My sweet boy is turning three in one week!  Sadly, I'll be out of town for part of it so, we decided to celebrate him seven days early.  I wish I could say that he loved every minute of it but, I'm pretty sure this will be his last birthday party...  He loved playing with his cousins but, he was embarrassed & didn't like the attention during gifts & cake... (At least he didn't punch anyone this year while we sang him "Happy Birthday.") - Is he his father's son, or what!?  We promised him we would not do another party, but will think of something that will be equally as special to replace future parties.
Almost 3! 
J & I had a great time designing this dump truck, digger, roller cake!  
Bathroom ;)
Cones & caution tape everywhere!  
(This is exactly why we only invite family to birthday parties...  10 little cuties are enough to prep for thankyouverymuch. )
Thank you to ALL who came out to love on our little man & support our family.  I know it was so special for him to have everyone together (minus the birthday song...)  :)  Love you all!

-Axey's mama

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