Monday, 5 March 2012

Seaside March 2012.

We usually dip down to Seaside, Oregon every few months.  However, this visit was long overdue.  It had been 9 months since our last trip.  Axel was now walking, there was a special addition to the boardwalk, & the entire clan was able to be there at the same time for a long wkend away.  Perfect. 

The plaque is located on the other side of this lamppost.  On the south corner of Broadway and S Promenade (the boardwalk).  Can't miss it as you exit this famous loop along the beach.  
Really into writing her name in the sand... 
Happy as a clam exploring the beach...
B & L flying the kite.  
We started swinging just one kid.  The chain quickly grew...

7 floors up; enjoying a good book, a cuddle & the view... 
Matchy jams (& hair color).

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  1. Really nice post, Axel is cracking me up with his cheesy grins.