Friday, 23 March 2012

End of an era.

It is with deep sadness that I share that our sweet Karchie died today.  He has been "Laila's dog" since she started walking.  Her & Karch had a special bond from the first time we met him.  Yes, technically he's our neighbor's dog, but if you asked Laila - they are just taking care of him for her.  As we've been well aware of Karchie's health issues the last few weeks, we've talked to Laila quite a bit about him dying.  One night L was crying herself to sleep so, I decided to write down a letter for her to give Karch.  She loved this idea and had me write the following:

"Dear Karchie,

I love you so much & I don't want you to die forever.  I've never had a dog before & I really love you a lot.  Thank you for visiting me all the time and laying under my window.  I am crying about you and really love you lots of.  Thank you for the gifts.  You are my favorite dog to walk and I don't want you to die.  Karchie, I love you.  Laila"

Karch did one last big walk over to our house today to give us some love, I snapped this picture, we walked him home in the warm sun, & said our good-byes.

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