Friday, 20 January 2012

Snow adventures 2012.

The NW had about 5 days of snow & ice storms this week.  Here are some random pictures of how we spent our time enjoying it.   

 Walking "L's dog" with our sweetie neighb, "aunt Kathy"...
Trying to squeeze-in one more walk around the block before bed, just the littles & I.  
& we thought ours was a little WT...
Night time playing in the backyard. 

Freedom!  We threw chains on our car & headed down the hill to have a play date with the cousins.  

I love this rosy pic of my little Axey.  (I'm pretty sure this is how every 1.5 yo looked after playing in the snow for 20 minutes; tired of falling down without being able to get up & getting snow down his neck & up his sleeves... he was done.) 
Our final night of sledding before rain moved in the next day...

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