Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Life Lately.

Every now & then I fall behind with blogging so I have a "Life Lately" catch-up.  Fall has been a busy time for us.  It's involved good things like ballet, MOPS, beautiful fall leaves, girl nights & play dates.  It's also involved 2 very bad things:  L has been sick for over a month (we think allergies) & I was rear-ended.  Lame.

knock, knock, knock  - HOUSEKEEPING!  
I came upstairs to find my son in my room helping with the chores...
(oh what uncle Jeff would have said if he saw this...)  :) 
He rear-ended her, she rear-ended me, I rear-ended a guy in front of me...   all because a high schooler (who just got his license) was driving his Land Rover way too fast.  Now 2 of us have whip-lash & all of us have crunched up cars...
We had the ol' high chair out from a dinner party the night before so, L jumped in & they ate their entire b-fast  holding hands... 
N rocking the soccer field.  
B, L, D rocking the sidelines.   
Fun day with Ellanor at an IMAX & Science Center.
My MOPS table from 2 years ago!  We still meet a few times a year.
This hangout was so good for my soul.  

To see Halloween pics scroll on down to October 31st.  Speaking of Halloween... have you seen what my sister created???  

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