Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Family day filled with downtown & gingerbread.

The 2011 Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton, followed by strolling through Pike Place Market, eating-our-hearts-out at DragonfisH & strolling downtown.  Capping off the evening decorating our own GB house & having story-time with Gram.

Sheraton Gingerbread Village theme:  Holiday Express (with Polar Express playing in the background).

Know how to tell if someone is an out-of-towner?  They say, "Pike's Market".  
Tisk.  Tisk.  
Mesmerized by the Beechers Flagship curds separating from the liquid
(my mouth is watering as I type.)    This pic is dedicated to you MJ!  
We all equally enjoyed DragonfisH.  They do not disappoint.  


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  1. SO sweet, I like how each kid go to decorate a side, we'll have to do that.