Monday, 2 July 2012


What's on my summer bucket list?  Here's a few items that pop to mind.

Ride my bike across the I-90 floating bridge
Read my Bible more
Make sure L learns to swim
Find the perfect strapless bra
Learn to BBQ
Sign-up for a half marathon
Learn how to submit studies for CRBB review for WORK (yes, I said the W word... - more on that later...)
Get into nature often
Eat something from our garden at least 80% of our summer dinners
Minimal TV
Get Ax potty trained!
Meet all our neighbs and memorize their names

First item we're trying to check off:  Swimming.  L's been in swim lessons & she's making great progress.  She's usually in classes with all boys & does great.  Axel sits patiently watching his best friend while eating his seaweed & cashews.

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