Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho. (Post #200!)

Our Christmas flew by.  J worked both Christmas Eve & Christmas day this year.  It worked out fine & we just carried-on with family, without him.  We then had our family's "Christmas morning" at 11:15am when he walked in the door December 26th.   

If it wasn't for this late celebration, I have a feeling my Christmas decorations would have been put away December 25th by midnight.  (Is this terrible to say out loud?)  I have no idea why I felt this way this year...  However, as soon as the festivities were celebrated I was scurrying around the house packing-up & clearing the clutter.

(they call them "love-handles" for a reason...)

The last decoration to come off the tree was our precious L angel.  The house is now in order & I can breathe again.

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