Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Happy birthdays!

Happy Birthday Jason (today)!  Thank you for your leadership in our family, for your humor, for your love, for your generosity, for your strong work ethic, & for your strong arms.  We adore you & think you're simply remarkable!  

Happy half to our little man (tomorrow).  This boy has completely filled our lives with chuckles, snuggles, wet kisses, "MAAA!", inside jokes (seriously - he's 18 mos & we already have a handful of jokes that only he & I get...he's totally brill.), he's toned our muscles, & is such a helper around the house.  No one can work a fitted T like he can.  We love you Axel Benj!  

                                                                                     *photo taken by Yuen Lui Studios

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